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Reasons Behind Why We Carry Oranges for Patients ???


An orange is a type of citrus fruit.It is a very good source of vitamin C.It is also known as “sweet orange”.Orange first grew in South and East Asia.It is  rounded in structure , orange coloured fruit that grows on a tree. Its outer layer is tough and  shiny in nature.The fruit is divided into various segments in which each segment have little tough skin filled with orange juice.The colour “orange” is named from this fruit itself .The flavours of orange varyfrom sweet to sour.         


Scientific Classification of Orange

Kingdom –Plantae






Binomial name of orange is Citrus sinensis.

Orange  has several health benefits and one of the most popular fruit in the world


Types of orange:

  • Navel Orange:

       Navel orange get its name from “navel”.There is navel shape structure at the apex of this orange .It is easy to peel,less juicy and bitter when compared to other oranges.

  • Blood Orange:

These oranges have blood coloured flesh under the skin.Due to its colour it is used to garnish cakes and other food items.

  • Mandarin Oranges:

These oranges are smaller,looser skin when compared to others.It is more sweeter and less acidic.

  • Tangerine:

These oranges are smaller in size and its skin is less softner.It contain more amount of vitamin C when compared to normal oranges.

  • Clementine:

These oranges are branded as “Cuties” in United States.It is small and seedless type.It have oval shape

Health Benefits of Orange :

  • Improve immune system:

Orange juice contain vitamin C which helps our immune system and thereby preventing cold and other infections.

  • Rich in vitamin C:

Orange is rich in vitamin C which will reduce the risk of colon cancer.


Orange peels inner and outer layer

  • Skin whitening:

Orange peel helps in whitening the skin.It also help the skin from free radicals which may damage our skin.

  • Controls blood pressure:

           Orange contains vitamin B6 and magnesium to reduce the blood pressure.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer:

Orange is rich in fiber.Studies proved that 15% of cancer cases is due to the mutation in DNA which can be controlled by vitamin C .

D-limonene in orange helps to prevent skin cancer,breast cancer,lung cancer etc.

  • Rich in carotenoid:

           Orange is a good source of carotenoid.Vitamin A present in it make the mucus membrane of eye healthy.

  • Prevent constipation:

Orange consist of fibers which keep your intestine and stomach function smooth.It prevent irritable bowel movement..Fiber content helps to prevent constipation.

  • Reduce blood sugar level:

Fiber content in oranges will reduce the blood sugar level for diabetic patients.Sugar content i n orange is fructose that helps to keep blood sugar level.

  • Prevent stroke:

According to FDA ,orange contain potassium and low amount of sodium,cholesterol which helps to prevent stroke.

  • Suppress depression and anxiety:

Orange oil is used to suppress depression and anxiety when it apply on forehead.

  • Improves heart health:

Orange peel contain nobiletin that lowers the risk of heart diseases.

  • Reduce respiratory issues:

           Orange peel consumption helps to clear the lungs thereby reduce respiratory issues.


Limitations of orange:

  • Lack of fat:

Oranges do not provide any fat.Our body needs dietary fat for exercises and for blood clotting.

  •  Low in  fiber:

An 100 gram of orange contain only 1 gram of protein.Eating oranges instead of high amount of fiber rich food may cause weight loss.     


  •  Rich in sugar:

Sugar content in orange may cause tooth decay.

  •  Low in amino acid:

             Orange contain less amount of amino acid which helps in repairing cells.

  • Low in minerals:

          Orange provide large amount of vitamin but less amount of minerals.

Products using orange

    • Orange juice

    • Orange pulp

    • Pulp wash

    • Peel oil

    • Essence

  • Alcohol

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