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Guavas are tropical fruit. It is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. It is a small tree height upto 33ft.The fruit is easy to identify  because it has thin ,smooth and copper colored  bark .Native of guava tree is in Caribbean, Central America and South America. Guava contain nutrients that help cure all kind of illness . Guava is one of the commercial fruit in India. The following are the scientific classification of guava.

Kingdom:                  Plantae

Class:                         Magnoliopsida Dicotyledonous

Subclass:                  Rosidea

Order:                       Myrtales

Family:                      Myrtaceae

Gender:                    Psidium

Species:                    Guajava

The binomial name of guava is Psidium guajava.


  • Nutrients
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin


  • Lucknow-49:

This type of guava is prolific beare, greenish yellow with milky white sweet pulp.It contain soft few seeds in inner portion.It ispopular in Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh.

  • Arka Mridula:

Skin of this guava is yellow in color and smooth and its flesh is white in color .These fruits are soft seeded and have good keeping quality.

  • Chittidar:

This variety has pinkish red dots of the size of a pinhead on the surface of fruit.

  • Allahabad Safeda:

This fruit is mainly seen in  Uttar Pradesh.It is used for table purpose.It is round in shape with few seeds.This fruit is white fleshy and has good keeping quality.

  • Harijha:

The  fruit is round and greenish yellow color having sweet taste.

  • Red Fleshed:

This fruit is roun oval in shapehaving yellow skin with pink color flesh.


  • Guava juice
  • Guava pulp
  • Guava syrup
  • Guava hand sanitizer
  • Guava jam


  • Regulate blood pressure:

    Potassium content in guava help to regulate blood pressure.

  • High fiber content:

One guava contain 9gm of fiber.Fiber helps to lowers body weight.Fiber content helps in digestion,prevent constipation and reduce the amount of fat.

  • Reduce stomach problem:

Guava juice helps to prevent constipation and diarrheae.It help to shrink and contract your tissue.

  • Treat flu:

Guava juice is good remedy  to treat flu.This disease may occur mainly during rainy season.Vitamin C  is essential for fight against flu causing bacteria and boost immune system.Guava is rich source of vitamin C.

  • Tooth ache:

Guava fruit juice may give you instant relief from tooth ache and gum sores.

  • Anti ageing Property:

Guava is rich in Vitamin A,B and C.It has good antioxidant and fight freee radicals which may glow your skin and prevent ageing.

  • Reduce cancer:

Guava juice may help to reduce cancer cell development. Lycopene in guava is a powerful antioxidant which help our body to get rid of free radical that lead to cancer.

  • Rich in manganese:

Manganese content in guava help to absorb various key nutrients from food we eat.If our body get properly utilized , we get all key nutrients like biotin,vitamin etc.

  • Improve eye health:

Guava is rich in Vitamin A which is responsible for good eyesight.

  • Lowers Diabetes:

Fiber content in guava help to reduce blood sugar.

  • Used as cleansing agent:

Guava is good for cleansing the digestive system and help free bowel movement.

  • Rich in copper:

Copper content in guava help functioning of thyroid gland

  • Folate content:

Guavas contain folate that promote fertility in humans.

  • Healthy mind:

Guava help to improve brain function by maintaining good blood flow .Vitamin B6 is pyridoxinewhich is good for nerves.

  • Prevent Kidney stone:

Regular intake of guava helps treat and prevent the formation of kidney stone.Vitamin C in guava  help in absorbing extra calcium in body that prevent formation of kidney stone.

  • Prevent acne:

Guavas prevent skin problems like acne,pimples etc.Astringents in guavas help in tightening skin in facial region.


  • Less available:

Guavas are not always available at all places and if they are, they would be expensive to buy. These fruits are grown in tropical and subtropical region.

  • May cause always crave for sugar:

Overconsumption of this fruit not only increase blood sugar and also make you to unable to sustain it for very long.

  • More prone to bacterial contamination:

Guavas are more prone to bacterias such as listeria, E.coli etc.Guavas can be eaten with its raw skin,so the chance of ingesting bacteria is high.

  • Cause bloating:

Guavas are rich in fiber.Overconsumption of this fruit may cause bloating effect to your body.

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