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Steward Medical Group

Details about Steward Medical Group {Information at finger tips!} 👌


History and Stats to Know about Steward Medical Group:

Steward Medical Group (SMG) is a physician-led, multi-specialty health care practice organization with more than 1,700 directly employed providers delivering high-quality primary and specialty care medical practice across 11 states and the country of Malta.

Offering primary care and specialty services, the medical team at Steward Medical Group works collaboratively to improve patient’s well-being through preventive care. Steward Medical Group- a multi-specialty practice group, is a part of Steward Health Care Networks.

Steward Medical Group is known for its exceptional Health care system with highly skilled professionals who have finished their medicine residency from top universities. The highest quality care provided by a vast physician network collaborating with advanced care practitioners makes Steward Medical Group the right health care company.

Present in 11 states across the United States of America, SMG- a for-profit health care network, offers integrated care from a common cold to advanced cardiac surgery. SMG is a part of Steward Health Care, the largest private hospital in the United States headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Steward Medical Group offers Primary Health Care Services for the treatment of chronic health diseases.

Steward Medical Group makes it easier for its patients to make online medical appointments. Visit Steward Medical Group. Steward Medical Group is offering telehealth video visits. SMG also provides Telehealth appointments for primary care and internal medicine through quick and easy access.

The dynamic and growing physician group of advanced care practitioners associated with a skilled nursing support group with special clinical interests provides high-quality care and medical services.

In this article, we briefly discuss various online health care services provided by Steward Medical.

Steward Medical Patient Portal:

Steward Medical Group makes it easier to access quality medical care through its user-friendly patient portal platform. Any active patient at Steward Medical can access the Patient Portal.

Once logged in, you can check health information, medical records, pay bills, schedule online appointments, ask questions to primary care physicians/ physician assistants, watch video community information, etc.

Steward Medical Group Making an appointment: Steward Medical Group makes it easier to schedule a medical appointment.

The details like type of appointment ( new or existing), your location, insurance provider (if any), type of service, for example, Primary Care, Family Medicine, Pediatrics are enough. You can check the availability of the physician and schedule your appointment.

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Steward Medical Group Refill Prescription:

Once you logged in to Steward Medical Group’s Patient Portal, you can also request a prescription refill. 

Steward Medical Medical Records:

You can access your medical records at any time using the Patient Portal account credentials. Storing all your medical records in one place and providing access to it makes it easier to analyze your physician’s health condition anytime, anywhere. 

Steward Medical Pay bills:

With Steward Patient Portal you can also pay your bills online. 

Steward Medical Group provides specialty care in Primary Care, Gastroenterology, Cardiac Care, Orthopedics, Weight loss, Women’s Health.

Steward Medical Primary Care: 

The Steward Medical Group Primary Care Centers are spread across 160 locations. Primary care is believed to be the foundation of the patient-centered relationship at Steward Medical. The Internal Medicine practitioners here focus on taking care of patients 18 and older adults, while Family Medicine physicians provide care from newborns to older adults. Board-certified physicians at Steward Medical are specially trained in senior care.

 A care team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified nursing assistants is present to support physician practices and work collaboratively to provide coordinated care. Primary care providers are always there to take care of colds, sore throats, and flu to everyday aches and pains.

Primary Care Physicians at Steward Medical Group support at every step of the way by providing comprehensive care. The Primary Physicians have access to the latest imaging treatments and state-of-the-art electronic medical record systems, making it easier to provide coordinated care. 

Steward Medical Cardiac Care:

Steward Medical Group provides innovative and efficient cardiac care. Advanced medical technology and the finest professionals grouped to offer you the best cardiac care.

They provide preventive programs and aftercare to give you everything you need to maintain a healthy heart. Expert Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, electrophysiologists, nurses, and medical assistants as a team offer you world-class care.

Steward Group Gastroenterology:

Steward’s Gastroenterology team uses state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies and advanced endoscopy to diagnose and manage the full spectrum of GI disorders. With a strong interest in clinical research, the team is enthusiastic enough to bring newer technologies into clinical practice to benefit and improve patient outcomes.

The common gastrointestinal disorders, such as peptic ulcer disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal malignancies, are treated with state-of-the-art and therapeutic services. The multidisciplinary approach for patient care is accomplished through close collaboration among specialists.

Steward Medical Orthopedics:

Steward Medical Group has a separate wing for orthopedics- Steward Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Centre– with world-renowned surgeons providing a unique dedication to patient care. The entire range of bone and joint conditions is treated, ensuring the patients their previous way of life. 

Working with the patient at every level from diagnosis to recovery, the Steward Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Centre create a personalized orthopedic care plan to meet individual needs. 

Steward Medical Weight Loss:

Obesity is shared across all ages. Bariatric surgery though not a cure for obesity is an effective way to reduce excess weight and control the severe conditions that result from obesity. The struggles of obese people are endless and varied.

The weight loss specialists at Steward Medical work with each patient and find the best treatment and surgical option based on each individual’s struggle and need. The American Society accredits all of Steward’s hospital programs for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Steward Group Women’s Health:

Physicians at Steward Medical strive to provide compassionate obstetrics and gynecology care to women of all ages. A team of board-certified physicians, certified nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners bring extensive experience and diverse specialties to the patients.

The patients at Steward Medical Group get personalized attention and top-quality health care. Patient access to preventive care, well-woman exams, family planning, and expert diagnosis and treatment. Complex issues like pelvic organ prolapse and pre & post-menopause conditions are treated with specialized care.

Obstetricians work hand-in-hand with the patients to provide exceptional maternity care. A highly skilled gynecologist team treats female incontinence, fibroids, and endometriosis, among other medical conditions. Based on recovery time and complications, alternative treatments are offered by the physicians. Many of the Physicians at Steward Medical Group are certified to perform robotic-assisted surgery using the advanced da Vinci Surgical System.

You may also know – 

Steward Urgent Care:

The Steward Health Care System also provides Urgent Care that makes it easier to see a doctor outside the standard hours, without a pre-scheduled appointment in different Practice locations. Steward Medical has affiliations with Doctors Express, Primary CARE, Compass Medical, Hawthorn Medical, Health Express, All Care Medical, etc.

The urgent care feature makes it easier to get critical care around the clock. The emergency room at SMG-affiliated hospitals continues to be a safe place to treat all emergencies.

SMG provides urgent care and emergency medicine at Carney Hospital, Acute care hospital Phase 2, Boston.

Steward Insurance Plans:

The Steward Health Choice is an insurance plan offered by Steward Health Care System. 

Steward Health Group Affiliations:

Steward Medical Group is affiliated with San Gabriel Valley Medical Center (SGVMC), General Medical Center (GMC), Alhambra Hospital Medical Center (AHMC)

The Steward Health Care System covers around 3 million patients through its integrated care network, hospital groups, managed care, and health insurance plan services in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Boston, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah.

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