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Valley Medical Group Details {Curated Information}ūüĎĆ

Know about Valley Medical Group:

Valley Medical Group [VMG] is a part of Valley Health System- a not-for-profit organization, which includes Valley Home Care and Valley Hospital. You can check the location online.

They offer primary care and a wide range of medical specialties in more than 20 towns in northern New Jersey and southern New York state with exceptional health care services in a regional setting.

The team of experts have over 60 years of combined experience and offers the most advanced medical treatments available.

Valley Medical is committed to providing a better healthcare experience. VMG- a patient-centered medical home, is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

You can easily access all the medical care services by visiting Valley Medical Group Services. You can also make medical appointments at VMG provider now by calling 1-800-VALLEY 1 (1-800-825-5391).


Valley Medical Group Services

Valley Hospital is a fully accredited, acute-care, not-for-profit hospital. VMG- a multispecialty group practice is committed to serving the community through its comprehensive in-patient and out-patient programs, highly skilled home care services, community-based medical practices & wellness programs.

The advanced medical equipment and collaborations with the world’s leading healthcare organizations make Valley Hospital rich in Clinical Expertise.¬†Valley Medical Group¬†is a hospital located in Northern California. The hospital specializes in¬†surgical care. Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group makes it easy to schedule an appointment with the physicians and advanced practice providers at the comfort of your home just by clicking the Valley Medical Group- find a doctor.

You can visit the VMG website and go through Healthcare informatics, check physician services & treatment plans, learn Health education, access diagnostic imaging results, ask health questions to the doctors without actually having to go through the clinical environment.

If you plan to¬†schedule an appointment¬†with the¬†advanced practice Professionals¬†associated with¬†Valley Medical Group, you can search with the doctor’s name. Or you can search with the medical condition and zip code to schedule an appointment with the doctor in a¬†Valley Hospital¬†near your home.

Valley Medical Group– find a doctor.

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Valley Medical Group Patient Portal LINK:

You can log in to VMG Patient Portal for all the clinical care services at Valley Medical Center.

Once logged on, you will be able to review and pay billing statements, request online appointments, meet primary care practitioners, research health topics, review personal health information, patient information, complete and update medical forms, access medical records, etc.

In case of a medical emergency, you can call 911

Know the Valley Hospital patient’s experience by going through verified patient reviews before choosing a¬†Valley Medical Group¬†doctor from other Medical Centers and Health Centers.

Valley Medical Group– Patient Experience

¬†Valley Medical Group¬†provides the highest quality urgent¬†care¬†services and¬†patient-and-family-centered care. Highly trained medical professionals at Valley Medical are committed to improving the patient’s health and well-being.

The¬†Valley Medical Groups’ affiliations with Cleveland Clinic’s Heart and Vascular Institute and Mount Sinai Health System have further improved the clinical services offered, quality assurance, and increased research opportunities to Valley Health System in Healthcare Industry.

Valley Medical attracted top physician leaders in medicine thus offering Superior Care.

Services offered at Valley Medical Group:

Valley Medical Group offers a wide range of services, from cardiology to oncology. A total of 267 different services are offered; let us see a few of the endless medical services list.

Valley Medical Group Same-Day Surgery:

Many surgeries at Valley Hospital performed are on an outpatient or same-day basis, making it possible for the patient to return home the same day of his/her surgery.

Skin cancer program:

This program is designed to treat all skin cancer types, including melanoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Lung Cancer Program:

Valley Medical Group has a variety of programs focused on Lung cancer, including Diagnosing Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Stages, Lung Cancer Research Laboratory. We also offer additional health care services too.

Diagnosing Lung Cancer:

Valley group uses various minimally invasive procedures to collect biopsy samples to diagnose lung cancer, including EBUS and VATS biopsy.

Lung Cancer Stages Program:

This helps in creating an appropriate comprehensive treatment plan for Lung Cancer. The Lung Cancer Stages program helps experts at Valley Group to determine how far cancer has spread, if at all.

Lung Cancer Research Laboratory:

This program focuses on the genetic changes occurring in lung cancer patients due to their tumors and ways to detect these changes.

Smoking Cessation Program:

The Valley Group’s¬†Smoking Cessation Program¬†provides counseling and medication and other supportive¬†resources¬†required to¬†quit smoking.

Immunotherapy Program:

This program is designed to provide immunotherapy for all cancers approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including melanoma and some types of lung cancer.

Centre for Childbirth:

Valley Hospital offers a family-centered approach to childbirth. Valley Care offers all-private rooms, high-level NICU services, medical assistants, supportive nurses and doulas, breastfeeding services, and more.

Breast MRI: Breast MRI aids in diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

Clinical Decision Unit:¬†Clinical Decision Unit is an entire observation unit for¬†patients¬†who monitor patients’ health conditions before they are admitted or discharged.

Emergency Medical Services:

Emergency Medical Services provides the highest level of expertise and urgent care.

Cord Blood Banking:

Valley’s Cord Blood Banking makes it easier to collect and store a new baby’s stem cells for potential use in the future.

In addition to the 267 various services, Valley Medical Group offers featured programs that include Bariatric Surgery and Weight-loss, Telemedicine, Safety at Valley, Heart Care, Cancer Care, and Centre for Digestive Health.

Bariatric Surgery and Weight-loss:

At¬†Valley Medical Group, weight loss is pursued as a personal choice. Respecting each individual’s preference and keeping in mind their weight-loss goals, several solutions are offered. The options here vary from medically managed weight loss to surgical operation.

Patients can choose the right choice for them. This personalized approach at Valley Medical provides patients with the tools to lose weight successfully and live healthier lives.

Weight loss Services:

Surgical Weight Loss:

  • Adjustable gastric banding
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y)
  • Duodenal switch
  • Revisional bariatric surgery

Medical Weight Management:

  • Dietary modifications
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Exercise
  • Medications

For better understanding, you can go through this short video, The Center for Metabolic Surgery and Weight-loss Surgery.


The Telemedicine service of Valley Medical Group provides a more convenient option of connecting with your physician online. You can easily get hospital services at your home, with an advanced Healthcare Delivery System. Whether you need ongoing medical care with your physician or you need urgent care for any minor injury or illness, a Telemedicine visit makes it easier to meet a primary care practitioner at the comfort of your home with quality care.

On-demand urgent care for non-life-threatening illness or injury

Online VMG Visits for a secure online appointment for new and existing patients


Valley Hospital has the highest quality of cardiac care. Affiliation with Cleveland Clinic made¬†comprehensive¬†research options, improved¬†Cardiac care programs,¬†and ensure¬†patients‘ safety. An entire¬†healthcare team¬†of cardiac professionals dedicated to treating a patient provides high-quality cardiac care at¬†Valley Medical Group. Our team is really good at handling patients with¬†heart disease, we also provide¬†additional health care¬†services if needed.

Cancer Care:

Cancer Care¬†at¬†Valley Medical Group provides access to Mount Sinai Hospital physicians and clinical trials. Specialized programs at Valley Medical offer Comprehensive Cancer Care to patients with chronic conditions. They offer complete cancer treatment. Doctors who practice at¬†Valley’s Blumenthal Cancer Center (Paramus), The Valley Hospital, and seven¬†primary care¬†centers come together with VMG’s Cancer Care program.

Centre for Digestive Care:

Valley Medical Group‘s Centre for Digestive¬†Care¬†has a¬†team¬†that includes double-board-certified gastroenterologists, pediatric gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, nurse practitioners, and dietitians committed to provide exceptional care for¬†patients¬†with various digestive diseases.

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